Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 children in Australian schools have been the victim of bullying.

Reports of Cyber Bullying continues to rise as technology becomes more readily available to children.

Victims of Bullying are NINE times more likely to either attempt or contemplate attempting suicide.

What does Don’t Be Horror-ble do?

Don’t Be Horror-ble is established to combat bullying, mainly Cyber Bullying. And offering services and information on how to make sure your child is safe from Cyber Bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will offer parents and carers online information, facilities to help identify whether your child has/is being bullied. What you can do to help your child deal with and overcome bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will offer an online communication hub, that will be dedicated towards parents, carers and victims of bullying to speak to like-minded advocates against bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will continue to push all levels of government, and government agencies, to establish a ZERO Tolerance policy when dealing with bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will continue to petition federal law makers to establish a tough stance against cyber bullying. Making those that are bullies responsible for the actions taken by the victims.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will establish and operate a number of fundraising events each and every year. These events will be aimed at not only raising awareness of bullying, they will also be a way for victims to realize that they have people they can turn to for support.

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