Boris the Mummy is the Official Spooksmodel for Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated, and is here to help you find your way around to ensure you can easily find all of the important information.

Boris the Mummy knows exactly why all of the boys and girls as well as their parents come here – after all when Boris was just a little mummy he too was bullied at school and so knows the troubles that you are going through and has in fact come back to help us all in the battle against bullying.

If you would like to learn about the bullying that Boris the Mummy has gone through in his many years then don’t hesitate to take a moment to read his story here.

With his many… MANY… years of being bullied, and after seeing how it has grown over time Boris is here to help, and to give you all someone to talk to if you ever are bullied – or for the Mums and Dads out there if you ever think your child is being bullied.

However you can help Boris, and thousands of others around Australia, by signing up to TEAM BORIS and showing your support towards our push for State and Federal Governments to introduce legislation that takes a ZERO tolerance towards bullying, and carry tougher penalties against bullies who use telecommunication devices to continue bullying outside of the school grounds.