Approximately one in six school students (aged 7-17) report being bullied once a week.

By joining Team Boris you are directly contributing to the cause of Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated. A simple $10 contribution will help get our cause and initiatives in front of three more students.

When you become a member of Team Boris you will receive the following:

  • You will receive a Welcome Letter outlining our gratitude to you for making your contribution;
  • Along with your Welcome Letter you will receive a small welcome pack with some small Don’t Be Horror-ble goodies only available to Team Boris members as a thank you for signing up;
  • You will gain additional perks on our Message Board;
  • You will also receive advance knowledge and discounts for our annual Fundraising (details to come shortly);
Please note that Welcome Packs can take up to thirty days to process and send. We are working hard to rectify this delay.

Please provide your postal address above for us to send your welcome pack to.

After completing the form above you will be taken to PayPal to enter the amount you wish to contribute for your membership towards Team Boris. There is no minimum or maximum contribution amounts.

Due to costs associated with the welcome packs, contributions under $10 will not qualify for the Welcome Pack. We are a start up Charity and therefore are unable to provide these goodies free of charge. We apologise for any inconvenience.