DBH Launches

Today marks a monumental day in the fight against Bullying – with Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated officially launching. Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated is a not-for-profit incorporated association in the state of New South Wales, and a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC).

Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc. with their official spooksmodel Boris the Mummy aims at teaching children of all ages what constitutes bullying, how to combat bullying, and what impact bullying has on its victims – in the aim of reducing bullying at school, on the sporting field and online.

Too many children, across the state, the country and the world, are sadly taking their own lives as a direct result of bullying unfortunately seeing it as their only option to escape the bullying which due to the advancement of technology has become relentless.

The home, once a place where a child could feel safe, and should feel safe,  has become just another forum for bullies to continue their torment of their victims. With the introduction of smart phones, tablets such as iPads and laptops giving bullies the ease of continuing their name calling, and public vilification of their victims, it is now relentless and at times unstoppable as current laws restrict the abilities of police and other agencies to act to stop it.

By raising the awareness of what is bullying, and the effects bullying has on its victims by Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc it is hoped that together, with the support of businesses across the state and country, as well as your support, we will be able to reduce bullying and at the same time reduce suicide amongst children and teenagers as a result of bullying.