Your donation to Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc. is greatly appreciated. Your donation will go a long way to making a difference. Your donation is tax deductible and all funds will be entirely used to fund Don’t Be Horror-ble programs, initiatives and activities.

What your funds will be used for!

We get it. You have worked hard for your money. And there are a lot of charities out there asking for your support. The cost of living is rising and so you need to make sure before you part ways with your money what the money is going towards.

Here is just a small list of what we will be dedicating your donated funds towards:

  • Printing – this is both printing that we send to companies in relation to donations, and printing of our Horror Camp booklets;
  • Advertising – this includes advertising on the internet and in various forums across the state;
  • Marketing – this includes the purchase of marketing materials, along the likes of t-shirts, balloons, temporary tattoos, stickers, magnets;
  • Mascot – using on of Australia’s best mascot creators we will create a life size Boris the Mummy mascot to attend school assemblies with us in order to conduct our presentations;

Ready to Donate?

Now that you know what your money will go towards and you have made the decision to donate to Don’t Be Horror-ble this is your opportunity to do so.