FRIGHTS IN THE FIELD is the major fundraiser for Don’t Be Horror-ble Inceach year. This is where members of the public can hold their own events in an effort to raise awareness of the Don’t Be Horror-ble cause in particular our efforts to combat bullying.

As with all other events and initiatives operated by Don’t Be Horror-ble all funds raised by your FRIGHTS IN THE FIELD day are dedicated towards our initiatives in the attempt to not lose another young life as a result of bullying.

While you may hold a FRIGHTS IN THE FIELD day at any time throughout the year our official focus is for the bulk of the events, as well as the bulk of our marketing directed towards, the weekend closest to Halloween each year.

Whether you want to have a bake sale, costume contest, or movie marathon – or just have a couple mates around for a barbeque all in the name of raising money for Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc. and our bullying prevention initiatives we will support you every step of the way.

Through the Don’t Be Horror-ble website we will offer you a number of downloadable resources to help you promote your FRIGHTS IN THE FIELD day.

We will also have on offer a limited number of packs that can be ordered to boost your FRIGHTS IN THE FIELD day in which depending on your fundraising goal will be sent straight to your door providing you additional promotional and marketing tools as well as some goodies to help ensure your day goes off without a hitch.

More information relating to Frights in the Field will be released shortly.