For parents whose children are victims of bullying the school holiday period can be difficult. With victims of bullying usually reserved, and with minimal to no friends to interact with during the holiday period, and parents still needing to work to pay the bills, it can be a difficult and confusing time with most families forced to send their children to fellow family members for the break – or leaving their child at home during the working day.

Unfortunately, the issue with this is the ease of which bullies still have the ability to continue their torment thanks largely to the growth of technology – something not many parents had to deal with when they growing up.

Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated is pleased to introduce to you HORROR CAMP. A fun, exciting, and interactive way that will not only give your child something to do across the school holidays but the ability to do so with people who are friends and know exactly what they are going through.

Parents will be able to enrol their child into our HORROR CAMP, which will see their child provided an account that they are able to log into through the School Holiday (NSW School Holidays) period. Having a HORROR CAMP account will allow the child to:

  • Talk to others through our special online message board established strictly for Horror Camp, providing the child the ability to find new friends, speak about what they are going through, and find support through their new found network to help cope with the stresses of being a victim of bullying;
  • Gamification – where your child will earn points towards ‘Boris Bucks’ and be able to ‘Level Up’ by completing tasks such as updating their profiles, taking part on our Horror Camp message boards, earn specialty badges by achieving special challenges, etc.;
  • Take part in online ‘courses’ and tasks aimed at educating about bullying, as well as ways to cope with bullying;
  • Take part in various other fun activities including memory games, polls, quizzes, questionnaires, find-a-word, and crosswords;
  • Play in our online arcade with some classic, and new games, where children can interact with each other as well as try to be a games or even arcade champion;

The best thing of all is your child throughout this entire period will be earning points that at the completion of the school holiday period they will be awarded the opportunity to convert these into our special currency called ‘Boris Bucks’.

Once their points are converted to Boris Bucks they will be able to enter our online store, specifically designed for Boris Bucks, and be able to purchase many fun rewards for their efforts.

These include:

  • Toys;
  • Games;
  • Clothing;
  • Accessories;
  • Movie Tickets;
  • Gift Vouchers;

Meaning that the more your child participates across the school holiday period the more points they will have to be able to convert into Boris Bucks.

Horror Camp is still in its infancy, however more tasks, goals and rewards will be added as additional support for our program becomes available.