With official spooksmodel Boris the Mummy in tow the team from Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc will be making a number of School Appearances with customised presentations on bullying to present to children of all ages.

With the belief it is important to teach primary school aged children what constitutes bullying, setting them up with life long knowledge the Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc Presentations, presented in a fun and interactive format, will teach primary school age students:

  • What constitutes bullying;
  • What to do if you are being bullied;
  • How you can stop bullying;

For High School students a special format, still presented in a fun and interactive nature, while still outlining the importance of putting a stop to bullying, focuses more on Cyber Bullying – a form of bullying that for many parents wasn’t around when they were growing up and in turn often leaves them misinformed about how intense this form of bullying is.

High School students will learn about Cyber Bullying, and the effects bullying has on its victims and their families.

Our Boris Bucks initiative is obviously named after the official Spooksmodel for Don’t Be Horror-ble Inc Boris the Mummy and is open to primary schools across the state of New South Wales.

Absolutely FREE of charge New South Wales Primary Schools are able to order a certain amount of Boris Bucks (the amount depending on the amount on hand, and the number of pupils at the school). Boris Bucks are designed to be given to children by Teachers and/or Principals to reward them when they have:

  • Told a teacher about bullying;
  • Stood up against bullying;
  • Completed their own work at a school level to stamp out bullying;

Pupils presented with Boris Bucks will be able to log onto our special online store established specifically for this initiative in which they can redeem their Boris Bucks for goods such as pens, notepads, patches, badges, hats, clothing, toys, movie vouchers, or gift cards.

This is our way of encouraging children to understand that it is important to work together to stop bullying.