Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated is a Not for Profit (NFP) organisation registered in the Australian State of New South Wales (NSW) and is a Bullying Prevention Initiative aimed at actively supporting victims of bulling, offering resources to better help families in which a family member has been bullied and to raise awareness of the seriousness including the devastating effects of Cyber Bullying.

Through the creation and development of “Horror” based characters such as our official spooksmodel Boris the Mummy – aimed directly at children of primary school age resources will be developed in conjunction with leading professionals aimed to educate as to what is considered Bullying, hot it can escalate and the effects bullying can have on others.

Being an Incorporated Not-for-Profit organisation all monies raised, gifted, contributed or pledged to Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated is dedicated fully towards the development of our resources, the marketing of our message and the operation of our fundraising events.

Unlike many other organisations established in a similar field all of the staff involved with Don’t Be Horror-ble Incorporated are volunteers meaning any monetary gifts or contributions made by you goes directly to the cause as to which you intended, rather than a percentage being allocated towards salaries or entitlements.