When he was just a little mummy Boris was so excited that he was going to be going to ‘Big Mummy’ school. He was certain that he was going to make lots of friends.

Together they would play in the playground, chase each other around the school oval, play lots of sports together and learn many new things from their teacher.

Boris was excited to be going to Big Mummy school.

Unfortunately for Boris Big Mummy school was nothing like he was expecting.

The kids in Boris’ class would make fun off him, saying that his really old bandages made him smelly, that he was a loner, a loser, and called him dumb when he didn’t know the answer to a question their teacher was asking.

This made Boris sad.

Boris didn’t want to cause trouble and become more of a target and so didn’t tell an adult of what the kids were saying, he thought they would get bored and eventually leave him alone.

Unfortunately for Boris this is not what happened.

The other little monsters that were in his class then started sending him messages on MonsterJam – a social networking website, saying the same bad things and sometimes even worse.

Soon they would begin to call his mobile phone really early in the morning, send him messages with nasty things written- Boris was extremely upset but didn’t know who he could go to for help.

Luckily for Boris his school had a ZERO Tolerance to bullying and one day when Mrs. Mummy overheard the other children in the classroom picking on Boris they all got into trouble and were told if they did it again they weren’t allowed to go to ‘Big Mummy’ School anymore.

The other little monsters in Boris’ class were also banned from MonsterJam – and told that they could get into ALOT of trouble if they continued to make Boris upset through messages.

This made Boris so excited!

And things for Boris and Big Mummy School soon changed, his classmates let him play around on the oval with them, they sat and shared their Spider Sandwiches with him, and he even started getting invited to Birthday Parties.

Boris was so happy and knew that from now on rather than getting angry, or feeling sad, he had to keep telling a grown up that he was getting picked on, and knew that with a ZERO tolerance stance on Bullying, and tougher rules about bullying people on the internet meant he could feel safe not only going to school, but each night when he came home.