What is the purpose of Don’t Be Horror-ble?

The purpose of Don’t Be Horror-ble is to raise awareness amongst school age children as to what constitutes bullying, how to combat bullying, and how to deal with bullying.

Don’t Be Horror-ble will offer parents and carers the opportunity to network with each other to share stories, tips to help their child deal with bullying, and resources to help identify whether their child is being bullied.

What initiatives will Don’t Be Horror-ble offer?

Throughout the later part of 2018 Don’t Be Horror-ble will begin attending school assemblies. This will include an appearance from our official spooksmodel Boris the Mummy, as well as a fun and engaging presentation on:

  • What constitutes bullying;
  • Why you should not bully someone;
  • How you can prevent bullying;
  • What to do if you are being bullied;
  • What effects bullying can have on its victims;

In the case of High School presentations a special added portion to the presentation includes Cyber Bullying.

Wow sounds great. Anything else?

In addition to our School Assembly presentations we also offer Primary Schools across New South Wales (see Area of Operation) the ability to sign up to our Bullying Prevention Initiative – the Boris Bucks Program.

This is where schools will be able to secure a certain amount of ‘Boris Bucks’. These can be presented to children by a Teacher or School Administrator when they take a stand against bullies, report bullies to a teacher, or conducts their own efforts to stamp out bullying in their school.

The child who has been presented with the ‘Boris Bucks’ will then be able to log onto our special ‘Spooky Store’ and purchase items such as Pens, Notepads, Books, Hats, Clothing, Toys, Movie Vouchers and Gift Cards with their Boris Bucks.

What resources are available here at Don’t Be Horror-ble?

Right here on our Don’t Be Horror-ble website we offer a place for children to connect with others through our online message board.  This is a way of connecting with others who are going through the same thing and helps them realise and understand that they are not alone.

We also offer resources for parents to better help notice changes in their childs behaviour which could indicate depression and anxiety which could be indicative of bullying.

The Don’t Be Horror-ble resource centre will also offer FREE downloadable resources for those preparing to host a Frights in the Field fundraising day under our banner.

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