How Can You Get Involved in
Don’t Be Horror-ble?

Are you based in New South Wales and want to join our fight against bullying? Here we list a number of options on exactly how you can be involved with Don’t Be Horror-ble.


By joining Team Boris you are contributing directly to Don’t Be Horror-ble and our efforts to raise awareness and effects bullying has on its victims.

For the small fee you will receive a small goodie bag welcoming you to Team Boris, gain access to additional features on our Message Board, and have the ability to purchase advanced tickets to our major annual fundraiser the Cursed Cruise.

Read More about Team Boris and the benefits you will receive here.


If you are based in New South Wales and would love to raise some money for Don’t Be Horror-ble so we are able to better produce and provide our initiatives and programs allowing us to raise awareness and effects bullying has on its victims you may consider running your own event under our Frights in the Field banner.

Whether you wish to have a cake stall, movie screening, a charity cricket game or any other ideas you have get in contact with us – we’d love to hear from you.

Read More about Frights in the Field and the benefits you will receive here.


If you don’t have the time to dedicate towards running your own event – and there is none around where you are – and you don’t want anything but a ‘Thank You‘ and warm feeling in your heart knowing that your contribution could be the contribution that gets our material in front of a child who is being bullied then consider donating directly.

By donating directly you are making a one off contribution that will go directly towards operating our initiatives and programs.

To Donate Directly please visit our Donation Page.

If you are a business and would like to be part of Don’t Be Horror-ble please visit our Supporters Page for information on how you can get involved.